Streamyx Speed Test: How Fast is Your Streamyx?

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So you just have your Streamyx installed and started to enjoy the blazing speed of your new broadband service. That’s great. But how do you know the actual speed of your Streamyx broadband connection? Today, I am going to list down a couple of free online tools you can use the test the speed of your Streamyx.

Sometimes you don’t always get the full subscribed speed due to many external factors such bad line quality and overload of TM server. When you feel the line is slower than usual, this is when the online speed test tools come handy. Generally, if the speed is less than 70% of the subscribed speed, you should make an official complain to TM by dialing 100 from your house phone and they will arrange their technical team to rectify the problem for you either at your premises or at the exchange point within 3 working days.

Normally during the installation day, TM contractor would test out the speed before leaving your house. However, you can reconfirm the speed by testing yourself using the online speed test tools mention here.

These are the two which I think are pretty good for general use.

Official TM Speed Test

This is the official speed test tool from TM. Use this if you want something basic and get the job done fast.

Nice graphical interface with a lot of options such as different ping locations and speed units. You can also compare your result with the world average and it has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

If you have other tools that you like, please share with us in the comment box below.

    • That’s true. All ADSL service is like that. Download is always faster that upload. The fastest upload speed available for Streamyx is 512kbps for BB Deal 4Mbps and above.

      Good news is UniFi has same upload and download speed (starting at 5Mbps!). However, not everywhere has coverage yet.

    • zouljb

      At the beginning when installing streamyx the speed was very good.
      After a couple of year the line become very very slow. Some time not
      eve 512mbp. Do i have upgrade the system or TM streamyx will come
      and change new parts. Maybe the old apparatus was out of date or cannot

      • Bellinda

        Mine is 4MB package.. the download not even reach 2000 kbps.. only 1926kbps.. and my upload only 330kbps… is this really 4MB package???

      • John

        My streamyx package is 4mb but i didn’t get 4096kbps, Always below 2500kbps. When everytime the tm contractor came and do their setting then the streamyx is above 3200kbps but after a week it will drop again. Very sick of call 100 so many times, cause the operator is computerise and need to wait for someone to answer it. Everytime happened the same problems.
        What can i do again? Keep on calling 100?

    • The download for all blockbuster deals are unlimited. that means you can download as much as you wish 24/7. If the speed you are getting are significantly slower than your subscribed package, please report this issue to TM by dialing 100 from your phone line. I am sure they will find a solution for you.

  1. Jesscy Tan

    4mb also can’t to updated to unifi ………………..
    upload very very very………………very very slow .
    Please do some repair for the line don’t eat our line and ask us to pay money .
    in Malaysia online the line run from 4mb become 512kb only , at end of the month still need to pay for 4mb.( so many time this case i look )

    Please do some upgreat and give the better services for all the Malaysia ppl.

    Thanks and hope to hear good news from your to all the Malaysia ppl

    • Hi Jesscy,

      Sometimes TM won’t upgrade the infrastructure for Streamyx in an area due to availability of Unifi. It makes more sense to choose Unifi over Streamyx if both are available in the same area.

      If you are experiencing slow connection persistently, please report this to TM by dialing 100 from your home phone. I am sure someone will look into your problem within few working days.

  2. Matt L

    Just upgraded from 1MBps to 4Mbps package and now registering slower speeds than with the previous package. Maximum of 0.51 since the change took place. Moving from RM33 per month to almost RM150 I expected a significant improvement in the service

  3. friexs

    how to get the full speed 4000kpbs when TM said as long archive 80% of the subscribe speed? i mean how to argue to get that full speed? mine stuck at 3.2Mbps.

  4. Kelvin

    My package is streamyx 1 mb (RM110). From streamyx speedtest the download is 834bps and upload 320bps. Why am I not getting 1024BPS ?

    • Hi Kelvin,

      There are many factors that can affect the test result. Most of the tools mentioned here are purely for estimation only. TM also cannot guarantee full speed all the time. All TM can offer is best effort service. If you think you should get faster than this, you may complain to TM by dialing 100.

  5. Karl

    Why do i registered for 4Mbps package and my speed shown by the and was between 1.5Mbps to 2Mbps?? I’m curious about it..

  6. Anthony

    My company using 4Mb streamyx, for the upload speed just 512k, if I want to increase the upload speed, is it possible ? becasue this line we use for video conference, if the upload speed is low, the video is not clear …. my place do not have UNIFI

  7. Mike Liew

    Hi TM,

    I using 4mbps now. Would like to ask why mostly i download the HD video/drama, my download speed is not balance, alway from between 2.60mbps-4.00mbps and slowly drop to till 50mbps-100mbps (stuck with this download speed). Even i using both speed test and it show my Download speed is 3.5mbps-4.0mbps. Before i using 1mbps, my download speed will alway standard at 0.8mbps-1.2mbps. What is the problem ya?

    **Even my ethernet connection still on 1mbps after upgrand.

  8. i also using streamyx 4mpbs.. problem is… when i on it.. it run like 400kb/s. But later… its become so so so slow the speed like 10kb/s.. Keep restart n same problem.. already 3months + ==” sigh.. disappointed

  9. syabab

    why i trai connet streamyx to my phone is not succes,,,
    i don’t understand will be streamyx!!!
    what the function streamyx rearly???

  10. Lee Xing Yi

    How come my speed is so slow???
    my id:lxy123
    my package is 4MB, but i go to speed test is 9xxkb download speed, 92kb upload speed!!!!

  11. I wanna ask about office streamyx in box. This office is located at Padang Hiliran Kuala Terengganu. I have already talk with tm person about unifi and there is no info next year or year after about them implementing unifi here. So i enquire them about streamyx 8mbps and 4mbps but the answer i get is that they told me there is no streamyx 8mbps or 4mbps at this place eventhough this is already part of Bandar Kuala Terengganu. There is no problem in making payment of RM308 amonth if that 8mbps available here (i even wanna subscribe 2 line with 8mbps speed if possible) as what my office paying now for 4mbps speed is RM988 amonth. Is there anyway TM can upgrade infra around this place so that i can subscribe this 8mbps streamyx?

  12. Y C VOON

    Your Official TM Speed Test says my download speed is 4.64 Mbps but says my download speed is only 1.65Mbps.
    When I first took up the BB Deal 4Mbps package, the TM technicians tested it on to be around 3.65Mbps. What happen now is this same site has shown the download speed to be only 1.65Mbps which is not what a 4Mpbs package should be? What is happened?

  13. Y C VOON

    I received calls from TM offering Unifil but I dare not take up the offer lest Unifil would also end up with this same problem six months after I sign the contract

  14. Nodame

    For the past few days the connection seems to be very very slow..have to refresh a lot of times n even took 30mins just to download a 5mb package is 1.0mb n as the results for test : download speed 138kbps and upload speed 362 kbps..

  15. lukman

    my father just upgrade to 4mb package,before this we use 1mb to know that our package have been use? because my download so slow,is it because we still use 1mb package?

  16. Elvis

    I have 4MB Office in a box package but my download speed is 400kb/s and upload speed is 30kb/s when i download things using IDM but when i check with i get 3.xxMB/s from the download….

  17. Eugene

    I’m paying so much but having such a slow internet. I hope they read this comment and in the future non of this problems will happen again.

  18. Yap

    Streamyx speed very slow until i even unable to connect to the speed test page!!!!!!!!!!
    Sucksssss!!! I sign for 4mbps package~ and now what i get????? I get nothing! Pls response me ASAP.
    Stop to entertain me just say call 100 fron the fix phoneline.. I call many times… Problem remain unchanged!!!

  19. Zali Ahmad

    I ve upgrade my streamy to 4mbps and they asked me to do the speed test and they said it will be 3000 -4000kbps. I have done the test and I only get download 1780kbps while upload 328kbps. if this is the speed I’ll be getting then I have been tricked. please check the status. my number is 06-3162175.

  20. chee

    The speed test is bullshit. my test result is 1.0 mbps but when I download item from cloud storage, the speed only 90kbps.

  21. Zin

    I just sign up for 2Mb Blockbuster last Thursday. All was working fine at day 1. Then day 2 which is yesterday late evening, no signal. DSL light were off. Called TM on the night about 10pm to report this issue. Today 9.00am technician come to my house check the connection. Turn out it was internal cable issue. Re cabling again, and the issue were solve in 30mins. My download and upload is as per advertise. 280KBps / 41KBps. I very please with TM, and how they respond to the issue.

    I hope this smooth experience will continue in the future. I just terminate my P1 Wimax, due to their bad connection. Not to say slow, i subscribe 2Mbps but sometime can reach till 520KBps download. The bad thing is P1 is always disconnection and have numerous issue with their connection. So i decide to terminate my P1 even i have to pay penalty due to still in contract. Looking forward with TM.

  22. jeff

    i use 8mps streamyx ,but i,m download the file is just 19kbs only,damm………slowly…shit line…anything can do faster…

  23. Jacky

    I just started the internet 4mbps only for 5 days and it was very slow. I just checked the speed, its only 226kb/sec. Then why I paid rm140 for?

  24. KFLIM

    Upgrade from 4MB to 8MB to see HYPPTV. When seeing movies there’s lots of interruption to load up the movie. Tested the TM speedometer resulted with download speed – 596kbps and upload speed 305kbps. Please comment.

  25. LEong

    Im using vip10 and the speed was awesome but until the weekends the internet download speed drops rapidly,does this have to do with the amount of users using unfi around the area?

  26. azamin setapa

    my streamyx is 8Mbps..when i do a speed test the result is 5115kbps (d/load) 349kbps (upload)..that true my speed?now i think the speed is very slow.

  27. Saturn Mobile telecommunication

    I’m order 1 MB for business line but gave me not even 500kb speed for searching web…please fix the line and give the speed same as i paid as soon as possible…if not i will straight away cancel my plan from your company…payment slip sent on time but never give me right speed that I paid…

  28. kamarudin

    kenapa pada meter speedometer download untuk test kelajuan streamyx …….capai apa yg dilanggani.. …TETAPI kenapa pada speedometer upload tidak sampai sebagaimana yg dilanggani?……contoh…….saya langgan 4 mbs kelajuan streamyx…bolih capai pada speedometer yg di uji……pada speedometer hanya saya bolih capai tak sampai 400 kbms daripada 41++ kbms………harap ada penjelasan

  29. Just upgraded from 1MBps to 4Mbps package and now registering slower speeds than with the previous package. Maximum of 0.51 since the change took place. Moving from RM60 per month to almost RM150 I expected a significant improvement in the service and now bull shit?????wat hapen to tm r u guys sliping wake now now b4 we r wake up //////????????

  30. Adrian

    Pfft..years of having streamyx , countless times of complaints due to unstable connection ..I personally not upgrading since all this issues kept coming back and never has a solution . More likely a scam.

  31. Panji

    Let say if from 1 Mbps streamyx, I use a Dlink DSL 2640B what is the Mbps and Ghz.
    At wifi how many meter is the coverage, is this acceptable or any recommendation.?
    Now let say if I wants to upgrade to 2Mbps what is the model or rating in Mbps or Ghz
    modem is required or the existing modem is acceptable ?
    If wants the wifi coverage to approximately 50 to 80 meters whats your recommendation?
    Lets say there is streamyx any where can I use my hand phone to wifi if I am a streamyx user?

    Thank you

  32. GUYS im getting sick of this shitty comments, please dont talk if you dont know much on about the internet
    1. Your speed stated on the package you’ve subscribed (4Mb, 2Mb, 1Mb) and so on, their the MAXIMUM speed of download / upload you’ll get. Your area however limits that speed, distance, atmosphere and stuff like that you get my shit
    2. Malaysia is the 5th WORST ping in the world, so expect shitty net, if your aiming for gaming, yes its slow if the server is on a place like the US or in Europe, but once your in thrs no lag etc, just the signal is bad so the data transfer is slow
    3. If your living in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll likely see how well the signal is, just some disruptions to be honest
    4. WiFi is slower than the LAN (wired) like the one to your CPU’s please take that in note

    Hope this helped, its just the common things about the internet
    Im 16 and to be honest, im dissapointed with the country, not the net provider so if its anything, i know how all of you above are feeling =/

  33. Some random

    i used the TM Streamyx 1MB in my area and get a download speed of 200kb/s
    if i use the OKU 512kbs package, will i still get the same speed?

  34. xiao

    hi, want to ask my 4mb and the upload speed is between 250-286 kbps .. i call to 100 ask them and they say that is normal ..@.@ so wanna ask u what should i do to get my upload speed hit 480-512 kbps ? tq :)

  35. audrey

    hi. just got upgraded from 1Mb to 2Mb package. i am confused between the bits and bytes… tested download/upload speed using both tools, and got different results. please clarify and tell me if i got a good (or worst) deal… (didn’t check the speed during the 1Mb package, though). Thanks!
    TM Speedometer: 2458 kbps/ 340 kbps
    Speedtest : 2.67 Mbps/ 0.38 Mbps

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