HyppTV Channels

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    8TV is an interactive platform for audiences united by a common desire for authenticity and self-expression. It is a hot-bed […]

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    Al Jazeera


    Al Jazeera English (AJE), the 24-hour news and current affairs channel, is the first international English-language news channel to broadcast […]

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    Astro SuperSport 2 HD

    RM40 (with Astro SuperSport HD)

    Astro SuperSport 2/ HD brings sports fans more choices in global sporting events like French Ligue 1, USA Major League […]

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    Astro SuperSport HD

    RM40 (with Astro SuperSport 2 HD)

    Astro SuperSport/HD showcases a variety of sports events, selected to appeal to the Malaysian viewing audience which include the Premier […]

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    Australia Network


    Australia Network is Australia’s international television service whereby, viewers can catch the latest regional news, update English language skills and […]

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    BabyFirst TV


    BABYFIRST TV is a commercial-free TV channel designed for 6-36 month old babies. BabyFirst TV channel’s programming is based on […]

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    BBC Knowledge


    As one of the world’s largest and most renowned producers of documentary programming, BBC Knowledge showcases the best of the […]

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    BBC Lifestyle


    BBC Lifestyle is a unique destination offering inspiration for home, family and life. It is the ultimate viewer’s guide to […]

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    Bernama TV


    Bernama TV is Malaysia’s first and number one 24 hours News channel, delivering up to the minute News from all […]

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    Bloomberg TV


    Bloomberg Television is an award winning, worldwide 24-hour business and financial news network. Bloomberg Television is based on the power […]

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    CBeebies is a pre-school channel for children aged six years and under. CBeebies provides a range of pre-school programming designed […]

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    Channel M HD


    M HD brings the latest Korean Entertainment with exclusive contents and original productions for K-Entertainment News, Drama, Variety, K-Pop and […]

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    Channel NewsAsia


    Channel NewsAsia positions itself as an Asian TV News channel, that provide news and information on global developments with Asian […]

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    Channel [V] International


    Channel [V] International is Asia’s trend-setting music channel, bringing the latest chart-topping music videos, exclusive interviews, concerts and original programs […]

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    Channel [V] Taiwan


    Channel [V] Taiwan incorporates as music and variety-shows which has captured the youth audience with its innovative programming mix. CHANNEL […]

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    Discovery Kids


    Discovery Kids lets children explore their awesome world and ignites their natural curiosity by providing content that is fun and […]

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    DW broadcasts 24 hours in English. At DW, we understand the power of information and analysis. Information delivered must be […]

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    EC Inspirasi


    Malaysia first youth channel with an “indie” feel emphasis on pop culture, music, travel, food and community based programming. A […]

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    EMAS is a Media Prima Berhad offering with a retro contemporary concept, and will be transmitted via UniFi or Internet […]

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    A leading international news channel in Europe. Euronews channel broadcasts to more than 300 million households in 151 countries. Euronews […]

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    fashiontv HD


    Presents new programs on high lifestyle and high fashion from all over the world. Fashion TV HD stands for hype, […]

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    FOX Crime HD


    FOX Crime HD is an entertainment channel entirely dedicated to crime and investigation. Programming includes the CSI Franchise, the Law […]

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    FOX Football Channel HD


    Fox Football features some of the world’s best leagues in the La Liga, Argentina’s top tier football league in the […]

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    France 24


    France 24 covers world current affairs from a French perspective, through debates, diversity of opinion and points of view confrontations. […]

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    Fried Chillies Food HD


    Now you can enjoy MORE food content with Malaysia’s first ever home grown Food Network. This channel is home to […]

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    A dedicated and comprehensive Islamic learning channel for the whole family. Programmes cover General Islamic Info, Religious Obligation, History & […]

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    Hypp Aksi


    Collection of more than 150hours of locally produced action series mainly from Skop Production including Gerak Khas one of the […]

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    Hypp Animasi


    Access to more than 30 hours of animation series in local malay language.

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    Hypp Dino


    More than 30 hours of kids entertainment live action an animation series available and animated series for the kids.

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    Hypp Flicks


    Enjoy a collection of more than 75 blockbuster movies from Hollywood. Watch these movies anytime and as many times as […]

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    Hypp Flicks +

    RM10/title, RM18/3D title

    The latest and current Hollywood blockbusters, Malay and Asian movies from Japan, Korea, Thailand & others – a great way […]

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    Hypp Gold

    Tied in Ruby Pack

    Enjoy a collection of 80 library movies from Asian for RM10 per month. Watch these movies anytime and as many […]

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    Hypp Sensasi


    Enjoy a collection of 50 library movies from Malaysian. Watch these movies anytime and as many times as you want.

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    Hypp Variasi


    Variety of locally produced program for everyone including drama, cooking show, documentary and much more. More than 60 hours of […]

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    Hypp Xtreme HD


    An extreme sports targeted youth and extreme sports enthusiasts in full HD

  • http://www.streamyx.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/hyppacademy-213x120.gif

    HyppSports Academy


    Features in-depth sport expert instruction and coaching programs for a wide range of sports activities. • One-to-one training instruction for […]

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    HyppSports HD


    Starting 15th September 2012, Hypp Sports HD, Channel 174 brings you the best of adrenaline-pumping American sporting action in high […]

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    HyppSports HD On Demand


    Select any of the latest round of UEFA Champions League / UEFA Europa League matches in the HyppSports HD On […]

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    iConcerts HD


    The first 24/7 HDTV live music channel in Europe, i-concerts, targets the audience of music fans around the world. Experience […]

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    Kids Co


    Offers quality entertainment for children combining classic titles, first-run exclusives and original production: • Classic titles – Dennis the Menace, […]

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    Luxe.TV HD


    100% High Definition: The glossy television. LUXE.TV HD unique programs will allow the viewer to (re)discover the spectacular picture quality […]

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    MNC International


    MNC International provides all kinds of news and entertainment programs such as Indonesian sitcoms, mega sinetron, variety shows, music programs, […]

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    MTV Live HD


    MTV Live HD is a return to MTV’s roots, where the best live music, best music videos, best music documentaries […]

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    MUTV offers Manchester United fans exclusive interviews with players and staff, full matches, including all Premier League games (broadcast generally […]

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    Nat Geo Adventure HD


    Bold, high-impact and exciting, Nat Geo Adventure unleashes the spirited adventurer in all of us. Nat Geo Adventure chronicles the […]

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    Nick Jr.


    Nick Jr is the world’s #1 preschool channel, 100% educational –it’s like Preschool on TV. Nick Jr’s educational philosophy is […]

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    now Baogu


    The channel is a new movie channel launched in collaboration with three strong forces in the filmmaking industry (Huayi Brothers, […]

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    now Hairun


    now Hairun is a 24 hours drama series channel, features critically acclaimed and award winning China Drama titles. Channel is […]

  • http://www.streamyx.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/nowmango-213x120.gif

    now Mango


    now Mango partnering with Hunan Broadcasting System presents top – rated variety shows featuring superstars from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan […]

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    ntv7 positions itself as the ‘Home of Feel Good – Malaysia’s Favourite Chinese and Urban Station’, remaining as the leading […]

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    Outdoor Channel HD


    It’s an entertainment sports channel that celebrates life in the great outdoors. Whether out in the ocean or on top […]

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    The channel is a general entertainment channel containing family oriented programs in Tamil. Polimer offers a variety of unique programs […]

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    Screen RED


    SCREEN RED channel is a 24/7 Asian movie channel by HBO Asia and Mei Ah, premiering some of Asia\’s latest […]

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    Sanlih Entertainment Television International (SETI) is an International Satellite Cable Channel operated by Sanlih Entertainment Television (SET) in Taiwan. SETI […]

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    Sony Max


    Sony Max is one of the top Bollywood Movies and Special Events channel. The channel showcases over 900+ titles. All […]

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    STAR Chinese Channel


    Star Chinese Channel is STAR’s Flagship Mandarin channel in Taiwan and is popular among Chinese audiences across Asia. The channel […]

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    Syfy HD


    Syfy Universal HD channel offers science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, reality, action, mystery, and paranormal programming to the large crowd […]

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    The Capital


    The Capital will be the first local business news broadcast in Malaysia in High Definition (HD). It is a 24 […]

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    TRACE Sports HD


    Trace Sports HD is offers behind the scene access to sports celebrities and gateway to the intimate life of the […]

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    Travel Channel HD


    Launched in 1994, Travel Channel currently broadcasts to 117 countries in 18 languages across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. […]

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    TV Al Hijrah HD


    TV AlHijrah is a free to air television network operated by Al Hijrah Media Corporation. TV AlHijrah broadcasts universal content […]

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    RTM TV1 is a free to air television network in Malaysia which is owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia […]

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    RTM TV2 is a free to air television network in Malaysia which is owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia […]

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    TV3 is part of Media Prima Berhad group of companies that transmits opened broadcasting business 24-hours a day, 7 days […]

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    With its tagline “Di Hatiku”, TV9 aims to endear itself to young semi-urban and rural Malays who associate themselves with […]

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    TVB 8 is a channel tailored for all Chinese audiences around the world, features an innovative blend of the world’s […]

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    UTV Bindass


    UTV Bindass is a Hindi entertainment channel in India targeted to Indian youth. It is defined by its brand values […]

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    UTV Movies


    UTV Movies is a Hindi movie channel in India based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is owned by UTV. It airs […]

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    UTV Stars HD


    UTV Stars is a mass appeal entertainment channel, dedicated solely to Bollywood and its most sought after celebrities, what more […]

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    Warner TV


    WARNER TV channel offering new 24-hours home of the best Hollywood programming from Warner Bros, including US top rated series […]